A pampering experience at Ning’s Spa!

Feeling tired from work or finding alternatives to relieve stress? Let Ning's Spa lead you to a pampering experience of spa services. Ning's Spa provide services such as Facial Treatment, Infrared Sauna and Full Body massage. The most popular among all is the 'Organic Facial Treatment' and they also uses the award-winning local brand, RL... Continue Reading →


Gold Rewards Card

Join Woods of Nature by signing up for our newly launched limited edition 'Gold Rewards Card' and get to enjoy numerous benefits. For more information on how to apply for the exclusive 'Gold Rewards Card', click here.  


  If you are a Mastercard user, GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! First off, are you ready for our WEEKEND DEALS? YES! WEEKENDS DEALS! And we are going to have a 1-FOR-1 PROMOTION! The promotion is valid for Dinner Diners only. If you come as a pair, you will be able to enjoy a full-buffet course with... Continue Reading →

Explore the Inner Trees

Ever wonder how it feels like to live inside the tree? At Woods of Nature Resort, you will have the chance to experience living in the tree like never before. Feel relaxed when being surrounded by the wondrous view of nature and be pampered by the attractive entertainment.


Labour day is coming soon on the 1st May 2017. After working so hard and having packed schedule everyday, guess this is time to take some time off from work and spend the whole day together with your family. Good news for everyone! Currently we are having a special promotion to celebrate Labour Day! Faster head... Continue Reading →


Finally we have come to the day of our Grand Opening of "Woods of Nature Resort"!! Join us now and enjoy the wonders of nature! Stay tuned for our first promotion to celebrate for Labour day that will be published next week on the 5th of May!

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