A tour to Kong Meng San to celebrate for Vesak Day!

On the eve of Vesak Day, 9th May 2017, Woods of Nature brings our staff  to Guang Ming Shan a.k.a Kong Meng San for a tour in celebration for Vesak Day.

The temple was bustling with an enormous amount of people where people squeeze with one another to get to the other place of the temple. Just a brief introduction of Kong Meng Shan is that it is the largest monastery in Singapore. It also serves as a place for Buddhist monks to practise and propagate the Dharma. Kong Meng San 光明山 which means “Bright Hill” in Chinese, is the name of Guanyin Bodhisattva’s Pureland. Phor Kark See the “monastery of universal awakening”, encapsulates the vision and aspiration of the monastery to reach out to all sentient beings to assist  them in the path towards Awakening, Nirvana!

The first place we visited is “Bathing the Buddha”.

The meaning of “Bathing the Buddha” is to pour scented, blessed water over an image of an infant Prince, who has his right forefinger pointed upwards and left forefinger directed downwards. The Prince’s image embodies the enlightened presence of the Buddha. This ritual comes in different forms in each country that it is practiced in, but they are all throwbacks to a single sacred story. It is a story that brings sentient beings together in a joyful celebration of a promise. That promise is nothing less than the end of suffering and ignorance.

Right off to our next destination, we  visited the Amithabha Buddha Statue. The ambience was relaxing and people were bowing to Buddha for blessing. When entering to the place, we were required to enter from the front entrance in respect for the Buddha.

After going to these two places, we headed to a canteen that provides visitors with free food and drinks. They served vegeterian noodles and coffee or tea.

After we had our meal, we headed to many different areas in the temple and it was a fulfilling experience.

So here in Woods of Nature, we would like to wish everyone a HAPPY VESAK DAY!

Below are some images that we took at Kong Meng San:


Amithabha Buddha Statue
Vegeterian Noodles
Happy Buddha
Interior of the Temple

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